Renegade Hidden Axle Kits are now available. They feature a Nitro-Carbonized,
(case hardened axle) for longevity and strength.
Kits are available for 2000 and newer FLH's in both 1" and 25mm. End Caps are available with Chrome or Black powder coat finishes.
Check back for new fitments including Softails and Dynas.

Hidden Axle Instructions

Tools needed
Depending on the model of your bike, you may need to remove brake calipers before removing the front wheel. Do this, then proceed to step 1 below.



Remove the current axle, making note of axle spacer orientation. Prepare to install captive nut (splined cap with internal threads) into the left fork leg. Thread the ½-20 nut on the bolt all the way up to its head, then the washer as pictured.


Insert the bolt thru the axle hole from the inside of the fork leg. Thread the captive nut onto the bolt as far as you can by hand.


The nut is used as a puller. As you tighten the nut with a ¾” wrench the captive nut will gradually insert itself into the leg until flush.


Once the Captive nut is pulled in flush, back out the bolt from the leg. The captive nut is now securely in the lower leg.


Install the wheel with the spacers on the correct side. Apply anti-seize to the axle and thread into the captive nut first by hand.



Use a ¾” socket to tighten the axle


Use a torque wrench to tighten the axle to 55 Ft lbs.


Slide the second cap with the o-ring into the right lower leg.



Install right lower leg clamp using a ½” socket.
Torque to 132-180 in-lbs.



Questions can be answered by calling 1-800-633-0215
Safe riding….

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